Meet Liz

me1I’ve been a personal trainer since 2001.  I began my private studio because I detested the corporate work environment in which I toiled.  In fact, in the first three months at my corporate job, I earned my measly salary.  The rest of the year I was slaving for a top-heavy, multi-layered, old boy’s network.  (I have nothing against old boys, networks or even those who are top-heavy, but adding the layers was just too overbearing!)

It propelled me to pursue my passion fully, which is imparting better fitness on others, which I hoped would lead them to better joy, inner peace and true health.  So, I studied and became a certified fitness instructor by two different organizations.  As luck would have it, the corporation that employed me removed my position after losing it’s biggest advertising client.  With great relief, I pursued work at a different full-time job while I established my personal training business.

As my business took off and I was seeing clients, I yearned for more knowledge (I still do) and truly desired the best for my clients.  Over the subsequent years, my husband and I started a family, which quickly grew to three kids in 45 months of time (you do the math).  Sadly, my marriage degraded, especially as my third child turned two, and I found myself in the role of single mother, albeit a much happier and improved one.

My life has taken a strange but fascinating turn as I feel God has brought me people and information to direct me in fulfilling my life’s purpose.  I understand fully that I am to bridge the gap between parents and kids, to encourage families to achieve better fitness in body, mind and spirit, particularly with nutrition and activity.

I am now married to a wonderful man and have added four more children to my family!  To say I am excited about this could be the classic British understatement of the year (no offense to our UK friends).  If spontaneous combustion is possible as a result of zeal, then somebody would have a heck of a mess to clean -and I have no maid service at my house. 😉

So here I am, ready to serve!

Liz Donnelly Kent is a proud certified Personal Trainer of the National Academy of Sports Medicine and certified Youth Fitness & Nutrition Specialist of the International Youth Conditioning Association and President of Training by Liz, LLC. She is also mother to seven, a devoted wife and, in her spare time, runs a blog on family fitness at