April 2011 Fitcamper of the Month

April 7, 2011 by  
Filed under TxL News

Way to go, Sara!

Sara Golden is our latest Fitcamper of the Month!  Sara has a history of fitness as a gymnast in her school years, a Juice Plus consumer and an avid exerciser.  Her commitment to showing up to every class whether tired or not, during the crumby winter blahs, and thrashing out a crazy-hard workout is testament to her fitness ethics.

She provides inspiration by her example and is noticing her body getting chiseled for her efforts these past two months.  As a token of recognition, Sara will be donning a Training by Liz embroidered V-neck and pampering her exercised hands with a luxurious TxL hand towel.

Congratulations, Sara, our Fitcamper of the Month!

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