Yikes! I am a Personal Trainer So How Did I Get This Fat?

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There are times when I feel like this.

Let me just clear the air a bit by saying this article is not meant as a judgement against anyone

particularly if his or her measurements are larger than mine. This is, however, a judgement on

myself and my sobering realization that I really need to get back in line!

Just a week ago, I declared to the world that I was going to initiate a transformation for myself

as I struggle with Read more

Two of the BEST fat-burning exercises

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And you can do these at home! No equipment necessary. Enjoy:

Now, don’t waist another second, be sure to sign up for 2 free weeks of Fitcamp and experience exercise variety and the results you want!

If sometimes work doesn’t make sense…

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How to Undo High Heel Damage

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Just watch the video and inquire about Fitcamp 101, which is the Cleveland area’s most comprehensive corrective exercise and tension reduction program!

S&A Clinic Example

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2-hour soccer S&A Clinic Itinerary

Proposals – would love feedback:



Fitness Training Pricing

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Are you ready to invest in yourself?  You can choose either one-on-one or semi-private (up to four exercisers) training AND receive over $700 of free tools and services to guarantee fat-loss success.

No surprises, contract fees, membership obligations, etc.

Prices vary from $65 for one-on-one training to $20 each person per half-hour session for 3-4 people. Visit this link for more details. Cleveland Personal Trainer


Call us today for more information or to get started!


Here’s your free report

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Thanks for your interest in Training by Liz. While you wait to be added to our registry, please enjoy this free report on the Top 5 Exercises for Moms & Dads.  It’s really a great way to learn some techniques and get fired up for your new fitness journey.


We’ll chat soon!

Check us out on Facebook

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Training By Liz

Promote Your Page Too

Who can you inspire today?

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Do some women you know a special favor and copy and paste the web address in your browser to share with them this video and details on how they can have an amazing holiday season. Thank you so much for spreading this message!

Go here to get registered and transform your life.

Welcome to Fitcamp-to-Go!!

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Welcome aboard Fitcamp-to-Go!  You have just become an official Fitcamper and are invited -no: strongly encouraged – to take advantage of the hundreds of dollars of free bonuses to help you jump-start your weight loss and feel awesome.

To recap your freebies, here’s what you get:

“TxL Orientation Manual” -a 60-page manual of exercise science, complete with sample exercise pictures and descriptions ($29 value)

Access to “Fitcamp 101” a highly discounted program of customized tissue quality techniques designed by a physical therapist to help you relieve trigger points and muscle knots, increase blood flow and reduce recovery time between workouts.  This beginner’s program for Fitcamp is heavily discounted at $35/month and is required of any new exerciser.  Suggested retail price is $115/month.  ($80 value)

“Exclusive Fitcamp Virtual Coaching Page” – a password-protected web page on the TrainingbyLiz.com site of exercise videos and the done-for-you meal plans for the “Rapid Fat-Loss Nutrition” program.  The videos coach you with proper technique in order to train safely and effectively outside of class. The current password for this page can be found on this month’s Bingo sheet, which is located in the Google Group. ($250 value)

1-hour TxL Nutrition Seminar and Grocery Store Tour complete with shopping list and four weeks of done-for-you “Rapid Fat-Loss” meal plans, recipes and myth debunking ($275 value)

The TxL Bingo Game to help you stay accountable with your workouts outside of class and help you get into the daily habit of fat-burning exercise. (priceless!)

Training by Liz Google Group, where you receive coaching, accountability, special documents, including the “TxL Orientation Manual” and Larry Wasserman’s “Sexy Muscle Foam Roller” e-book. Share your trials and triumphs with the group. We can all learn from each other. – http://groups.google.com/group/training-by-liz (priceless!)

Special email Fitcamp updates including nutrition and fitness tips.  ($19/month)

Fitcamper of the Month, this is a status you earn if you adhere to the program, follow Bingo, come to your designated classes and show commitment to your fitness goals.  Every month a winner is announced and earns a special gift for her hard-won efforts. (priceless!)
A free week of Fitcamp during the month of August to say thank you for being part of the Fitcamp clan (and Happy Birthday to Liz!) ($40 value)

Participation in the Fitcamp Referral Program: this means that for any guest you bring who ends up registering as a Fitcamp member, you will receive 25% one month of Fitcamp.  This is unlimited, so I could potentially be paying you to exercise if 5 or more friends sign up at the same time!  This is another gift to you and a way to help our Fitcamp family grow.

I work hard to get you the tools you need to transform your body and your life, so use them!!

As part of the Fitcamp-to-Go, you can attend two Fitamp classes each month and discuss your progress and accountability afterward.

You will also receive an invitation to join the Google Group, where you can access the latest Bingo Sheet (look for the highest number on the document title or call us if you’re not certain) as well as the foam roller e-book from Larry Wasserman.

You will receive a separate email with your Fitcamp-to-go password to access your online training video of the month.

Enjoy your bonuses and get ready to melt some serious body fat!

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