Personal Training


Not sure which exercises to perform to reduce belly fat?

Not sure how long your workouts should be or even how often you need to workout?

Confused about what to eat?

Feeling low on motivation?

Why not go to the source that Cleveland media has tapped into for training advice?


Let our personal training services figure those things out for you and get you the results you want! It starts with the Individual Fitness & Nutrition Consultation (click this link) with periodic assessments and adjustments to your workout plan along the way. Each session is either 1/2 hour or one full hour. Our methods are backed by the latest in exercise science!!

You may choose either exclusive private one-on-one service or collect up to three other friends to support each other for our semi-private training!

Here are the bonuses you receive as a personal training or semi-private training client:

  • The extras from your consultation ($199 value)
  • Access to all online nutrition tools like “Rapid Fat-Loss Nutrition” plan & grocery tour ($275 value)
  • Monthly coaching calls to help you stay on track ($150)

Training prices are as follows:

Personal Training (1 person & 1 trainer)

1-Hour = $65 (min. 3x/week)
1/2 Hour = $40 (min. 3x/week)

Semi-Private Training Rates (2-4 people & 1 trainer)

2 People
1-Hour = $40/person (min. 3x/week)
1/2-Hour = $25/person (min. 3x/week)

3-4 People
1-Hour = $35/person (min. 3x/week)
1/2-Hour = $20/person (min. 3x/week)

Call 216-263-4734 today for details or to schedule an appointment!