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Congratulations on purchasing the BEST gift for yourself this holiday season!

Now, you can collect these complimentary tools for success to help you get a head-start on your fat-shredding.  These bonuses are $250 of my hard work that I’m giving to you because I want to thank you for hopping aboard and I just know that if you use them, you will drop major pounds by 2011!

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Are you ready?  Download these forms right away, read them and contact me right away if you have any questions: 216-263-4734.

Use this “Rapid Fat Loss Nutrition Blueprint” as your outline.  Read it first and then download and page through the meal plans:


Download these two sample weeks of “Rapid Fat Loss Meal Plans” to anchor you and keep you progressing during the festivities.  You get done-for-you meals complete with ingredients, recipes and a shopping list:



Why am I only getting two weeks? Full-fledge Fitcamp members get the full four weeks of meal plans, BUT you will see that you can simply integrate Week 1 and Week 3 meals in all five weeks and just follow the blueprint and the Week 3 summary on how to integrate your starches and fruits back into your routine.

Get a handle on how to properly warm up your body prior to any workout. Here’s a free video:

Enjoy this Orientation Manual to act as a valuable resource to accelerate your fitness:


Goal planning for success. Download this and let’s discuss together on or by 11/20!


Fitness Assessment – SelfV2

One last thing -please fill out and return these forms by 11/20:



Waiver, Release & Risk Form

Are you ready to battle the bulge?!  Contact me or Danielle right away if you have any questions: 216-263-4734 or 440-570-8874.