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Rachel, Chrissy & Liz sweat it up after tackling the tower.

Rachel, Chrissy & Liz sweat it up after tackling the tower.

Last month, fellow Fitcamper, Chrissy P., drew on her strengths from Fitcamp (and all the other exercise classes she faithfully attends) to climb over 600 stairs at the Erieview Tower in Downtown Cleveland. The 7th Annual Tackle the Tower stair climb took place at Downtown Cleveland’s Erieview Plaza and Hermes Cleveland organized it. The benefit was for the Ronald McDonald House and the 37 families who stay there. In case you’re unaware, Ronald McDonald himself built the house (no, I’m just kidding there). It’s a place for families to live temporarily as they seek treatment for their very ill or injured children.

In honor of the 37 families currently staying at the Cleveland Ronald McDonald House, Tackle the Tower consists of 37 flights for the runners to run (the walkers ascended 34 flights). What a great way to get in a butt/thigh workout on a Saturday morning -not to mention the calorie-burning effects!

I rounded my tower tackling off by running from the Tower City Rapid Station to the Erieview Tower (5 minutes either way). I walked two steps at a time to the 34th floor (took around 10 minutes). Technically, I registered to run; however, I’d have had to wait until 11:30 am to run, so I decided to go early and walk. That way I could meet up with Chrissy and her friend Rachel and a get a snapshot.

Chrissy has endurance and strength, you have to in order to move up those stairs! And she did it without using the railing for help. Trust me – I saw all kinds of people taking breaks, holding the railing for dear life and losing their breath after the sixth flight. Chrissy is a Fitcamper and it shows!

After walking up the stairs and chatting with Chrissy, I ran back to Tower City. I was sweaty and feeling great! I will definitely do this again next year. Do I have any companions?

Who is brave enough to run the Tower? (I hope those aren’t crickets I hear.)

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