How to Be Smart with Exercise

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20150103010908-NASM-Certified-LogoThis month I am studying hard to maintain my cherished National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) personal trainer certification.

It will interest you greatly to know a particular subject that I am studying has a LOT to do with your life, especially your ability to move without pain and keep from atrophying or losing your precious muscle tissue.

Here are some fascinating concepts that would have me running to the gym, basement or outside (weather permitting) to get active! It would also have me dialing up a qualified personal trainer to relieve myself of dysfunctional relationships between muscles and nerves that will inhibit my ability to age gracefully (except that I am one!).

Let’s talk a bit about injury:


This gives a simple idea of how scar tissue/adhesions build up within muscle.

This gives a simple idea of how scar tissue/adhesions build up within muscle.

  • Muscles/tendons go through a trauma (workouts can cause trauma, especially if wrong methods are used and there is a lack of recovery)
  • The area can become inflamed and hold more cellular waste
  • The area will become less oxygenated (does not get proper nutrition/blood)
  • There is a lower threshold to those receptors that cause pain (one feels more pain)
  • Muscle spasms can occur
  • Adhesive structures build on tissues within the affected muscle(s)


Do you know someone who is sedentary? How about someone who is pretty much immobilized (bed-ridden or barely walks)?

The contractile properties of muscles will diminish or atrophy with age if we are out of balance and/or not moving (so even if you’re moving but your joints are out of sink or you have certain muscles taking over functions for the “main” moving muscles, then you can still atrophy).

What is worse, someone, who is immobilized will lose something called “ground substance”, which essentially is the sturdy stuff that helps your joints to stay lubricated, get fed, gives safe distance between joints and acts as a barrier to bacteria. Movement is essential to keep one’s ground substance!

If someone is dealing with a joint injury, then chiropractic and physical therapy are essential to get into a more functionally communicating nervous system and body. Chiropractors are critical to allowing better flow within the nervous system. Physical therapy will help pattern the body into moving the way it was designed. I know several excellent professionals who can help with this.

If someone is looking for a safe workout that builds upon a rich environment for brain, nerve and muscle communication, then please let me help!

Workouts need an integrated approach to flexibility and balance and weight training. Many folks love intense fat-shredding workouts, which are excellent for losing weight or maintaining a healthy-looking physique.

Nonetheless, those workouts can also pose a great risk of injury, especially for someone with poor postural movement, over-active hip flexors, low back pain, a weak core, fallen arches, a poor diet or no boundaries when it comes to workout frequency.

A good personal trainer will offer an integrated and highly effective approach that is safe for your skeleton, muscles and nerves.

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