Before beginning any personal exercise program, you need to be evaluated. We have no way of measuring your progress without providing a benchmark showing where you are starting. Your personal training consultation includes a thorough movement screening process as well as measuring the typical baseline benchmarks (like body fat) to help you see where you begin. Let’s not forget the “before” pictures. Just as importantly, you will talk about your goals, concerns and health history. We will listen.

The consultation lasts about an hour and here’s what you get:
  • Discussion of your goals & health history ($60 value)
  • Comprehensive fitness assessment and photos ($115 value) an evaluation of your weight, body fat, girth measurements, movement screens, and much more!
  • Nutrition guidance ($25 value)
  • Exercise plan and workout log ($70 value)
  • “Training by Liz Orientation Manual” ($29 value) a 60-page primer on exercise science complete with exercise descriptions and pictures

Value: $299

Cost:  $100

Invest in a Personal Training Consultation by calling 216-263-4734 and schedule right away!!