May/June 2010 Fitcamper of the Month!

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dureive This month we celebrate our first official Fitcamper of the Month: Dureive Lambert.  Dureive is the well deserved recipient of a full body massage and let me tell you why.  She faithfully came to class three days a week despite her chronic low back pain and worked through it (safely, mind you).  Dureive had always struggled with being consistent with exercise (who hasn’t?), so it was a joy to welcome her back into my life after she defeated her third bout of breast cancer.  She knows that one of the best ways to stave off cancer is to be physically active.  Dureive is driven.  Dureive is an incredible inspiration.  Dureive is the Fitcamper of the Month!

Do you know a busy Cleveland mom who wants to be fit?  Why don’t you tell her about Fitcamp for Busy Moms?!