How to Be Smart with Exercise

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20150103010908-NASM-Certified-LogoThis month I am studying hard to maintain my cherished National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) personal trainer certification.

It will interest you greatly to know a particular subject that I am studying has a LOT to do with your life, especially your ability to move without pain and keep from atrophying or losing your precious muscle tissue.

Here are some fascinating concepts that would have me Read more

Yikes! I am a Personal Trainer So How Did I Get This Fat?

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There are times when I feel like this.

Let me just clear the air a bit by saying this article is not meant as a judgement against anyone

particularly if his or her measurements are larger than mine. This is, however, a judgement on

myself and my sobering realization that I really need to get back in line!

Just a week ago, I declared to the world that I was going to initiate a transformation for myself

as I struggle with Read more

This one thing will eliminate excuses

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So many times, I hear excuses about “time” being a problem.

Or, in the case of many moms, that they are last on the list after a busy day.

What I don’t see in those statements or after a little digging around for the thoughts behind those excuses, is a real lack of intention when it comes to being fit.

We definitely intend to take our kids to their baseball practice and games because we want them to experience the fun of the game and perhaps we can also chat with friends.

That is good.

We intend to go to work, which requires our setting an alarm, getting dressed and out the door in time.  We see earning money as important, and it is.

We intend to go the grocery store because we have to eat.

et cetera

When it comes to our personal self-care, getting our hair done tops the list, and that is important. Nothing in my book comes
as close as having a new look just moments after entering the salon.

But in many cases disease prevention is last on our list.  We don’t intend to exercise 5-6 times weekly. Why is that?

We don’t look at staying hydrated or eating a minimum of 10 servings of raw, just-ripened fruits and veggies every day. We don’t know about the impact plants alone have on inflammation in the body, which is the precursor to disease, whether or not we exercise regularly.

Do we think our future selves don’t deserve to live a better quality of life?

Intention is what produces activity.

Intentional activity produces results.

Being intentional with exercise and proper eating will take you places you never would have imagined when excuses were easier to make. Having real intention will be the first step to staying accountable. Start with a calendar and defining your borders -what will you have to limit so that you can tend to your self care properly?  Twice a week workouts will not give you results, prevent weight gain or disease.  So, be realistic and honest here: 5-6 workouts per week.


What will you be doing to become or remain faithful to your fitness lifestyle?

Are you ready to mark those 5-6 appointments with yourself on your calendar every week? These are unbreakable commitments
to yourself now and a healthier you in the future.

For the best Cleveland Fitness Bootcamp, be sure to inquire about TxL Fitcamp and how we guarantee results.

AND if you have not yet heard of Juice Plus and how you can easily and economically add up to 26 servings of raw fruits, veggies and berries to your day, then you owe it to your present and future self to check it out. (Click the Juice Plus box on the right.)

Two of the BEST fat-burning exercises

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And you can do these at home! No equipment necessary. Enjoy:

Now, don’t waist another second, be sure to sign up for 2 free weeks of Fitcamp and experience exercise variety and the results you want!

March 2011 Fitcamper of the Month

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She has earned the world's plushiest hand towel.

Congratulations go to Nora Peralta, a not-real-busy mom of six (ha!), Administrator of Padre Pio Academy Catholic Grade School, massotherapist and professional thumb twiddler (when she can fit that in). Nora has made perfect attendance to Fitcamp in February despite the fact that her household was going through chicken pox at various times. Now, that’s DEDICATION!

Nora is already finding her clothes are fitting looser after just four weeks. (Yes, Fitcamp is designed to burn belly fat.)

She will enjoy her very own resort quality TxL hand towel and manicure!!

To enjoy your own two weeks of FREE fat-melting Fitcamp classes, click this link.

Fitness Training Pricing

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Are you ready to invest in yourself?  You can choose either one-on-one or semi-private (up to four exercisers) training AND receive over $700 of free tools and services to guarantee fat-loss success.

No surprises, contract fees, membership obligations, etc.

Prices vary from $65 for one-on-one training to $20 each person per half-hour session for 3-4 people. Visit this link for more details. Cleveland Personal Trainer


Call us today for more information or to get started!


September Fitcamper of the Month

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As laid-back as a surfer, Jennifer does show a tenacious side at Fitcamp.

Congratulations belong to Jennifer Casteel, who has shown tremendous focus and determination to improve her fitness. Jennifer is a very busy wife, mom of two and a practicing masso-therapist. She still makes time for her fitness and has recently embraced our “Rapid Fat-Loss Nutrition Plan” to further accelerate her goals, which has caused a 15-pound fat loss since August!!!

Jennifer never misses class and makes training a high priority.  She travels 20 minutes away for our 5:30 a.m. class!

She knows that in order to be a high-energy wife and mother, she needs to work on her own self-care.

Jennifer is the proud winner of bragging rights and a $125 make-over from Mary Kay and is our Fitcamper of the Month!

Contact Training by Liz for Cleveland busy moms fitness:

August Fitcamper of the Month

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Lisa's amazing fitness journey is inspirational for anyone seeking to lose over 50#.

Lisa’s amazing accomplishments include burning 80 pounds off her body.  But with a firm desire to keep going, her fitness journey has lead her to Training by Liz Fitcamp.  As a teacher to blind students, a wife and a mother, there is no doubt that Lisa is committed to helping others and is well deserving of her hard-earned results.  Lisa has shown tremendous will-power fitting her workouts into a hectic life despite moving homes, vacationing and the many other distractions that come with marriage and parenting.  Congratulations, Lisa, you are the Fitcamper of the Month!  Enjoy your free month of Fitcamp!

Sincere Hogan offers moms fitness tips Part 2

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Ever wonder why Madonna and Michelle Obama have such sculpted arms? Here what “The People’s Fit Coach,” Sincere Hogan, has to say about it. Watch this video and be inspired by Houston’s best kettlebell coach and bootcamp instructor.

To hear Sincere’s weekly radio show, go to:

To get a fat-burning, muscle-building workout in Cleveland, check out the “Register for Fitcamp” button above.

Register for Fitcamp

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Are you a busy Cleveland mom who wants to burn off fat, get strong and feel great?  Fitcamp for Busy Moms is your ticket to a body transformation!

Are you carrying around excess body fat?

Are you unhappy with the way you look and feel?

Do the pressures of motherhood keep you from “finding time” for your own fitness?

Are you ready to change your life?

Dear Friend,

As a single parent myself, I can empathize with how life can get in the way of your health and fitness.  That is why I have designed my Fitcamp classes to work your entire body efficiently, with little or no equipment and stimulate fat-loss and overall strength.  We meet for four weeks and break for one week to give your body time to recover.  Because you deserve top-notch care, attention and support, I offer many bonuses to my Fitcampers!  When you sign up you will get between $85-$584 of bonuses and service to keep you moving toward your fitness goals!

Training by Liz Money-back Guarantee

Our workouts are fun, intense, and guaranteed to get you results or your money back!  In fact, if you are not satisfied within 30 days, I will refund your money in full!

Here are what just a few more people have to say about Fitcamp:

Because you deserve extra value…

When you sign up for Fitcamp, you will get:

  • “Training By Liz Orientation Manual” a 60-page exercise primer packed with essential information…a valuable resource ($29 value)
  • A minimum savings of $50 to $384 on Fitcamp classes depending on which membership option you choose. ($50-$384)
  • A very comprehensive and useful grocery shopping list ($5)
  • 2 Months of FREE access to our “Exercise Therapy” classes for signing up with the 4x/week option ($200)
  • A subscription to both the Training by Liz e-newsletter and blog updates chock full of free tips (priceless!)

Register today and lock in your space at Cleveland’s best fitness boot camp.

3-Day/Week: Option 1

Any 3 days of the following times:

6:00 a.m.-6:45 a.m. Tuesdays & Thursday mornings & Saturdays 9:15-10 a.m.

7:00 p.m.-7:45 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings

Starting June 1, 2010, Fitcamp sessions go outdoors to the Cleveland MetroParks Stinchcomb-Groth Memorial Overlook in the Rocky River Reservation.  Click the link for a map.

During inclement weather and after 10/2/2010, Fitcamp evening sessions will meet at St. Mary Magdalene Byzantine Church in Fairview Park.  See Fitcamp Schedule for our yearly calendar.

Choose from among our options below and your credit card or Paypal account will be securely billed each month.  You will also be given private access to forms for you to complete prior to class as well as access to your free bonuses.

If you have any questions, we are just a phone call or email away:  440-623-0957 or

Register today to lock in your spot!

By choosing this 3x/week option, you can choose any three days between M-Th and Saturday mornings to melt away body fat and get stronger. Your payment options include a 4-month ($112.50/month), 6-month ($108/month) and 12-month ($99/month) membership. Your credit card, bank draft or Paypal account will be billed monthly.

3x/week 4 Month Membership $112.50/month (Save $50!)

3x/week 6-Month Membership at $108/month (Save $102!)

3x/week 1-Year Membership at $99/month (Save $312!)

4 Day/Week + Special Therapy Session BONUS: Option 2

Pick your 4 days of the week (see above days in Option 1) , when you register for our 4-month ($154/month), 6-month ($145/month) or 12-month ($135/month) membership, then you will qualify for the $25 “Training by Liz Exercise Therapy Session” for FREE! This is my way of saying THANK YOU for committing to your fitness and choosing Training by Liz!  Your credit card, bank draft or Paypal account will be billed for the monthly amount based on your monthly membership.

Choose from among our options below and your credit card or Paypal account will be securely billed each month.  You will also be given private access to forms for you to complete prior to class as well as access to your free bonuses.

Are you ready for success?!  Register today and transform your body!

4x/wk 4-Month Membership at $154/month (Save $60!)

4x/wk 6-Month Membership at $145/month (Save $150!)

4x/wk 1-Year Membership at $135/month (Save $384!)

Saturday Exercise Therapy Session Only

Do you have sore muscles? Do you exercise hard? Do you have low-back tension? Then be sure to participate in the “Training by Liz Exercise Therapy Class.” You will be able to massage tight muscles and listen to your body with a host of exercise therapy tools to stretch and relax you. You will get a half-hour of guided, safe and effective exercise therapy on Saturdays 10:15-10:45 a.m. This is a great way to recover between workouts and just plain take care of yourself.

Exercise Therapy $100 x 2 mos.

One last thing about Fitcamp, having a decade in the fitness business, I am a stickler for safety and listening to the body. That said, my class is safe for almost all fitness levels. Try it out for $1 for one week and give it a go. But you gotta register below so I know you’re coming and check the Fitcamp Schedule page because we take a week off every now and then.

In the meantime, though, be sure to send an email to or call 440-623-0957 if you have any questions.

Now, if you don’t live in Cleveland, or your schedule prevents you from attending, then you’ll want to be sure and put your name and email address in the upper right sidebar on this website and sign up to receive my FREE report on the Top 5 Exercises for Moms & Dads. You’ll get a bonus for kids, too! Now, there will be NO excuses to learn some excellent techniques to boost your fitness.

Register for Fitcamp for Busy Moms and save money with these amazing membership options!**

Still not sure? Don’t worry, try Fitcamp for $1 for 1 week and see how you like it. Register here for that.

1 Week for $1