Melissa loses 30 pounds with Fitcamp!

February 3, 2009 by  
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When I noticed that Melissa looked a little sleeker, I had to call her and inquire if she was noticing changes in herself since beginning Fitcamp almost four months ago. I was BLOWN over when she said that she lost 30 pounds!  It wasn’t that I didn’t expect anyone to have such success with my program, but rather that she kept it so quiet.

Melissa has offered to share her story with you to inspire you to a fitter way of life.  Losing 30 pounds of fat in almost four months is a safe weight loss that means she’ll most likely keep her weight off long-term.

What is more, I guarantee that she has gained some solid, calorie-burning muscle to boot. Congratulations, Melissa! You deserve to be featured for you hard efforts. Watch below what this mother of three has to say and share your feedback.  Can Fitcamp help you?  Send me an email or post a comment to learn more:

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