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The TxL banner awaits the masses.

The TxL banner awaits the masses.

Back in January, in answer to the Mayor’s call for improving the City of Lakewood’s fitness and in tandem with some very gung-ho volunteers a very special health fair took place: the first Live Well Lakewood Health Fair.  Two prominent health celebrities presented compelling talks to the audience: Cleveland Clinic’s own Dr. Michael Roizen and the Today Show’s nutritionist and author, Joy Bauer.

Well, I had the pleasure of participating as a vendor and as an exercise demonstrator to help people understand a little bit about what I do for Fitcamp classes.  I met some very wonderful people and businesses in the process, including an incredible women, who herself lost 200 pounds!! Her name is Lisa Griffis and her story is compelling.

Take a look at this video and see why the City of Lakewood is a great place to live and, then do something today to get yourself in better condition than yesterday.  Not sure what? Come to my Fitcamp class for $1 for a week.  If the schedule doesn’t work for you, then be sure to subscribe to get free fitness updates and news as well as two FREE e-books on family fitness.

Here’s to a happier quality of life!

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