“…I’ve gotten more out of a 30-minute session then 2 hours at the gym!” Ebony I., Streetsboro, Ohio

“I’m already seeing great results after just two sessions!” Michelle G., Brunswick, Ohio

“I do this because it’s fun and tough, but mostly fun!” Amy H., Cleveland, Ohio

“This workout definitely compares with the military PT test.” -Michael W., serving in Iraq

“I would definitely recommend Fitcamp to anybody!” -Cristina W., Amherst, Ohio

“I love coming to this workout…and getting up early is the best thing!” -Heidi, mother of 3, Lorain

“I found this workout to be refreshing and energizing!” -Haley, Syracuse

“Fitcamp has helped me with agility, my swimming…and even being a parent.” -Matt O’Donnell, Property Surveyor and Father, Lakewood

“This is my first day of Fitcamp and I already feel like a superhero!” -Suzy LeMaster, Mother, North Olmsted.

“I definitely recommend Fitcamp! It’s wonderful!” -Terry Gavayla, Social Worker

“I have noticed a LOT of changes in my body…my waist has slimmed down a lot…I feel a lot more energetic during the day.” -Diane Jackson, Mother & Architect

“The best things about Fitcamp are learning effective exercises and seeing my transformation. I have already lost 30 pounds and intend to keep going!”
-Melissa Harper, Mother & Waitress

“I am a client of Fitcamp by Liz, and I want to express my appreciation for Liz’s good work. I have been working out regularly for years and have a membership at the YMCA, but I signed up for Liz’s classes partly because of her enthusiastic invitation and also because I was ready for a new physical challenge. The workouts are strenuous, but Liz is very sensitive to everyone’s abilities and limitations and she knows how to keep it interesting. Even on days that I really don’t feel like working out, afterwards I’m glad I did.”
-Cindy Einhouse, Mother & Executive, Lakewood

“My joints were achy, especially my knees and hips and that has almost disappeared with Fitcamp. I have a lot more energy. I like the length of the workout and the variety – I don’t get bored and nothing lasts so long that you can’t get through it. I’d absolutely recommend Fitcamp – I’m talking to lots of folks about it! Thanks for your commitment to this program, Liz. I feel great!”
-Vicki Smigelski, Mother & Insurance Manager, Lakewood

From email dated April 2: “Dear Liz, just wanted to let you know that since March 20th , I have lost 4 inches I pretty much give your class the credit.  Next time I see a scale, I will stand on it.  Yikes. I handn’t realized I lost so much around my waist, so I think the 137-pound estimate is too much!”
-Laura Schmidt, Mother of 5, Fairview Park