Yikes! I am a Personal Trainer So How Did I Get This Fat?


There are times when I feel like this.

Let me just clear the air a bit by saying this article is not meant as a judgement against anyone

particularly if his or her measurements are larger than mine. This is, however, a judgement on

myself and my sobering realization that I really need to get back in line!

Just a week ago, I declared to the world that I was going to initiate a transformation for myself

as I struggle with getting consistent exercise and have taken on some bad eating habits.

Please allow me to give you a short back-story to help you understand from where I come: Girl

gets divorced, totes along three kids, keeps training up to snuff, improves her personal training

business. Girl meets boy a few years later, gets married, inherits four more kids, moves to his

home, tries to establish healthier lifestyle for everyone yet acquires some poor habits along the


Things are a bit more complicated than that and I left out a heck of a lot of details. Nonetheless,

these past two years I have acclimated a little too comfortably to a less rigorous culture than I

had in my previous life.

And so this morning, I took my measurements for the first time in many years anticipating the

slow creep at age 42 is catching up to even me, gulp! Telling you will help me to stay

accountable, because, boy, it is not always easy. And even someone like me, who trains folks

to lose fat and get healthier, can mess up.

In my day, even after I had kids, I kept my waist to 29”. That’s not ideal for Malibu Barbie, but it

worked well for me. My weight was leveled off somewhere around 138 lbs. Not too bad. I kept

my body fat hovering around 25%. That will not be ideal for a body builder or fitness competitor;

however, being a mom and having “life” hit me in many directions, those numbers are pretty


So, let me continue my story for just a bit more: girl and boy settle the family, boy loses job

within a year, they begin a new company together and continue to learn, market and grow it; girl

thinks she is ready to break from training and officially steps back; girl realizes that wasn’t such

a good idea and is ready to step back in. In the meantime, she takes her measurements and

realizes, “Yikes! I am a FAT personal trainer!”

I say that with all due respect to myself and with the harsh reality that these numbers do not

work for me: 32” waist (yuck for me!), 144 lbs. (again, yuck), when I take the measurement

across my navel as opposed to an inch above, it measures 34” (triple yuck!). Worst of all, my

body fat measures at 28.8%. That’s as close to 30% as I’ve ever seen. This is not good for me,

and by telling you, now you can keep me accountable and cheer on my changes, which have

begun today. It might also help you to know that we trainers are human beings with lives,

families and our own batch of challenges.

Did I tell you, by the way, that I am currently dealing with two family crises? “Maybe she should

wait to start such a transformation,” someone might say. That’s perfectly valid except that I

know if I don’t harness my poor habits now, then I’ll get too comfortable with them. Crises will

come and go and my body will go to pot if I let it. This is how my father, a congestive heart

failure patient, managed his health. This is one BIG reason why I need to regain control and

steer my ship into the right harbor. So, will you help?

A bit later this week, I will be conducting a LIVE event to discuss my story and some of

the tools I am using to help instigate my transformation. If you care to join me, then be sure to

register for this LIVE event, held at Life’s Direction Gym on Saturday, 3/28/15 at 1:00 pm.  Visit this link to r.s.v.p.



If you know any parents, who struggle to regain their health, then don’t hesitate to spread the


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